Explore your vacation with exciting spots of USA

Washington DC A vacation in the U.S. can be as varied and vast as the country itself, with many vacation spots that include iconic sites and cities. As you plan your vacation in the U.S., be sure to give yourself sufficient time to do it all justice and select the spots that appeal to you the most. […] continue reading →

Explore South Beach Miami Things To Do

south beach at miami South Beach in Miami is one of the most popular beaches in United States. It has tons of outdoor activities throughout the day while enjoying the sunny time in South Beach. The endless entertaining activities surely will attract many visitors either locals or from outside. Things you can do at South Beach Miami are, South […] continue reading →

Krabi Thailand The Juction Of Beaches And Islands

phranang cave beach krabi The natural beauty of Krabi is not enough to describe in one day. Krabi has 130 islands, big and small that spreads out on the province. The beaches in Krabi is the main tourist destination from any part of the world. The town of Krabi is located on southern part of Thailand, in Krabi Province. […] continue reading →

Boracay Island Beach, Philippines

Boracay Island Beach For the individuals who go to the popular Philippine shores, booking an inn in Boracay Island Beach generally implies more than simply luxuriating in the warm daylight over the island’s white sand shores. Separated from the normal beautiful occasion, going by the island typically involves a getaway worth valuing for beaus who look for its […] continue reading →

Sahara Desert Extremely Dangerouse Desert In World

Sahara Desert Sand The largest hot desert in the world, the Sahara Desert is situated in the northern portion of Africa. It covers over 3,500,000 square miles, which is about 10% of the continent. On its east lies the Red Sea, on the north is the Mediterranean and on the west is the Atlantic Ocean. In its south […] continue reading →

Beautiful Colored Lakes Around The World

Colored Lakes There are many wonderful things around the world that would take your breath away. One such spectacle of nature is the colored lakes. There are a lot of such lakes around the world where the water is not transparent but appears to have turned into vivid colors that are quite beautiful to look at. There […] continue reading →

Masada, Israel Fortress And Snake Path In Israel

Masada If you are interested in visiting ancient sites like fortresses and castles then you would surely love to see Masada, Israel. Masada located in the Southern District of Israel is an ancient fortification. It is located on the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert at the top of a rock plateau. Masada is one of […] continue reading →

Hanging Gardens Of Babylon Seven Wonder

Hanging Gardens of Babylon portrait Hanging Gardens of Babylon is an ancient world heritage that built in the city of Babylon in Iraq. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was previously listed as one from the seven wonders of the ancient world. However, the place is very difficult to trace. After 2 decades observing the Hanging Gardens, some observers claimed that […] continue reading →

Colossus of Rhodes, A Statue Of History In Greece

colossus of rhodes The Colossus of Rhodes is the statue of Greek titan of sun Helios. It was built on an island in the city of Rhodes by Chares of Lindos. Being one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the statue stood over 30 meters high. The statue was built in 280 B.C in celebration of […] continue reading →

Rio Carnival World Famous Festival In Brazil

Rio Carnival 2014 red dress The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or Carnival of Brazil is a world famous festival held before Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with an audience of two million people on the streets every day. It is held during Friday to Tuesday before the Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning […] continue reading →
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