Adler Planetarium And Astronomy Museum in Chicago

Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum was built in the year 1930 in the Chicago. It was built by the philanthropist Max Adler and the first director of this planetarium was Philip Fox, He did assistance with the Max Adler and the result it was opened on May 12, 1930. Before opening on May 10, 1930 he stated in his speech about the planets and stars which was based on his museum. He said that the concept of this universe is very little but everything is based on it.adler-mars-PlanetariumIn Northerly Island it was located. It is with the John G. Shed Aquarium with the Chicago’s museum campus. It was designed by the architect Ernest A. Grunsfeld, it’s designed was too beautiful and pretty that it was awarded with the gold medal. By the architects of the American Institute and in 1987 it was announced the National historic landmark. If we talk about this museum it contains three theaters with the staff of the scientist which is from all over round the world. For the students it is the greatest museum because it provides you the information and knowledge.

For the visitors it contains so many attractive places like Deep space adventure from the Big Bang and contains so many Alder’s features which draw the attention of visitors or audience. It is so unique if we compare with the other museums in Chicago because of its different varieties programs.Adler PlanetariumIf we talk about the exhibits it contains two levels, Upper and lower level. In the lower level it contains different galleries like galaxy wall, theaters like Space Theater, Star Theater by S.C. Johnson, Cyber space and the space visualization lab and in the upper level it contains rainbow lobby which produces rainbows by the prismatic glass doors which leads the whole building. It contains the window gallery which contains fabric walls by aluminum beams which is attracted by the visitors. It contains Grainger Sky Theater which is the centerpiece of the planetarium. It is one of the oldest from the three planetarium theater which shows the digital film projects.

So this is the site which is the full of activities and guides you to the different resources for the education. Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum

Adler Planetarium & Museum

Adler Planetarium inside  Adler Planetarium inside people sitting.Adler Planetarium, located in downtown Chicago

Astronomy Museum chicagoAdler Planetarium And Astronomy Museum Chicago, USA.Chicago Lakefront at Dusk, From the Adler Planetarium, Chicago

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