Big Ben London The Great Bell Of The Clock

Who doesn’t know about Big Ben London? If people usually called it as a tower or clock, that is not true, because Big Ben actually first time was named to the Great Bell. In the other side, it also called as The House of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower. Its very important for you to see it by yourself because Big Ben is mainly symbol of London. So beside get around and exploring the beauty view of the city, you can also visit this landmark of London and learn some facts about it.Union Flag Big benThe first fact is that Big Bag’s minute hand has 4.2 meters long and weight about 100 kg. Then can you imagine how big it is so even people can sleep on its surface. While the numbers are approximately 60 cm long. If we usually has very little number in our watch, different with Big Ben in which people can see the time from away. The Latin words under the clock face read DOMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAN NOSTRAM VICTORIAN PRIMAM, which means o lord, keep save our queen Victoria first.Big Ben londonVisiting Big Ben is good idea because it become London’s favorite landmark. There is two reason why it be. First is that it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the first commissioner of work, a large man who was known affectionately in the house as “Big Ben”. For the second reason is far from the first that say it was named after a heavyweight boxing champion at the time, Benjamin Count, also known as “Big Ben”. This nickname was commonly bestowed in society to anything that was the heaviest in its class.

Now let’s turn to find some good meal in a also a good restaurants in London near Big Ben so that you can enjoy that outstanding tower while having a meal. Then you must find also the nearest hotels because it important to always see the beauty of this tower.Big Ben at night
Big Ben busses
Big Ben clock
Clock close up
tower at night
Big Ben road
london tower
Portcullis house big ben

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