Coast Guard Beach Attraction At Cape Cod

Coast Guard eastham BeachSometimes when our mind is full, and need a quiet place to refresh our mind, here we choose a beautiful natural and quite place, it is Coast Guard Beach. Most of the beaches outside the city are a place of entertainment that is filled with tourists and a variety of entertainment, but this beach on the contrary, one of the things you can find there is peace and tranquility.

Not much consolation indeed, but you will be a lot of inspiration from Coast Guard Beach, it is located in Eastham, Massachusetts, in addition to offering natural beach, also offers several specialty. The beach with calm atmosphere is not much to offer entertainment such as water sports, this is a more focused place to relax and enjoy the scenery.


Nauset Light near with Coast Guard Beach

For more Attractions at Coast Guard, there are several other places not far from the beach but we can visit. One is Nauset Light. This is one of the historic buildings, because the lighthouse is included in the list of National Historic Sites. This lighthouse has a height of 48 meters and has been built since tahun1877.

Salt Pond Visitor Center, this is a historic museum that many serve as the central place of tourists and foreign tourists gather. In it we can see a variety of natural and cultural history yang ever in Eastham, also some filming movies ever held there. In addition to historical places, Eastham has beautiful beaches and natural.

At Coast Guard Beach we could pull through climbing, or relax and enjoy the view of the ocean waves and the beauty of the Cape Cod National Seashore. The beautiful natural scenery would be very nice if we go for a walk down the weeds in the afternoon. While walking around we could visit Fort Hill Rural Historic District, it is also one of the places managed by the Cape Cod National Seashore. Coast Guard Beach girls

Another beach we can see is Nauset Light Beach, this beach has a few waves really big, enjoy the scenery with such big waves, also can refresh our minds are stuck. As one of the historical sites, of course, Eastham offers several historical places, like some of the museums that store the relics of history. Among the few places we can go, there is a historical building that is school, which has become a place people go to school within a few generations Eastham. Forging is now better known as the Schoolhouse Museum, 1869. In addition to cool off in the beautiful place but with quiet atmosphere, we can also gain more knowledge about some of the historical sites of the places we visit. coast-guard-beach

Coast Guard Beach


oast guard beach white sand

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