Doha Is Popular City And The Capital Of Qatar

Doha QatarDoha is a multicultural city of Qatar. It is home to much of the population of the country as well as emigrants. The city is popular for its shopping in the city’s cheap and abundant malls. The beautiful architecture attracts foreigners from around the globe. Doha has a myriad of rich culture and biodiversity. It also hostel the Asian Games in 2006.

The most popular Shopping market is Waqif Souq. It is popular for its local spices, perfumes, sweets, dried fruits, souvenirs, incense and rice etc. Hence the foreighners are attracted to the aroma of fragrances. Al Rumeila Park is a play area which was made in resemblance with the Qatari Village. From fitnessing gyms to playground, everything is in the park. A heritage Village is being introduced in Doha which shows the life and culture of the city to outsiders. Village men give demo of weighing and selling of jewelries.


Doha Qatar

Doha Qatar (3)

Doha Zoo is situated some 20 kilometers from the city on Salwa Road. There are more than 1500 animals in there with over 150 different species from all over the world. Qatar National Museum and Aquarium is a brilliant architectural masterwork. It was constructed in 1901 as a palace for the King. The museum display wide range of relics of local traditions of
the city.

Doha Corniche lies at the waters of Arabian Gulf and presents a splendid view.  It is one of the most visited and truly cherished places. It provides a good spot for calming and spending time with friends and family.

Doha Qatar

Doha The Wonderful City Of Qatar Beautiful Attractions

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Al Khool Fort is another Moorish-style masterpiece of Military in history. It was built to take Waqif soug under protection. It used to be a prison in 20th century. Today it accounts for a museum where many techniques are being taught every day to new comers.

Last but not the least is the Singing Sand Dunes which actually produces sounds naturally. It is an unexpected and unique marvel of forming a natural desert Amphitheatre.

Doha Qatar Night time View

Doha Qatar At Night time View


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