Fraser Island Popular Tourists Destination In Brisbane

Fraser Island is an island at the south coast side of Queensland in Australia. It is situated 200 kms north of Brisbane City. It covers an area of 1880 square meters. It was being included in the list of World Heritage Site list in 1992. It is the largest sand island in the whole world and also the largest island of Queensland, 6th largest in Australia.

eli-creek-fraser-islandThe island receiver annual rainfall and the species of trees include eucalyptus, wallum, rainforests, mangrove forests, peat swamps, coastal heaths and sand dunes. It’s been 750,000 years since the sand is accumulating on the volcanic bedrock which is a natural catchment for sediments.

Mycorrhizal fungi growth is abundant and rich in the Fraser Island. Many mammal species, reptiles, amphibians and birds reside in this island. The area is under the protection of Great Sandy National Park. Human Being first set the foot on this island some 5000 years ago and since then they are permanent inhabitants too. As much as 400 people lives on the island.

It has become a popular tourist spot and 350,000 to 500,000 tourists visit the area per annum. One of the reasons of visiting is the golden chance of seeing a natural dingo. Central Station is also a popular, well-known destination for visiting on the island. Very rare ferns grow along the station.

The species of rare fish that is found on the island includes Tailor, surf bream, jewfish, flathead, while whiting, and golden trevally. For those who love to camp, Fraser Island provides latest equipments too. The most known and popular camping areas are One Tree Rocks, Waddy Beach, Dundubara campground, Central Station Tent Sites, Cornwells Break etc.

Fraser_Island_lakeFor trekkers and climbers, Fraser island challenges them with the opportunity of overnight trekking. Fraser Island Great Walk is nearly 90 kilometer long. The island has exceptional extravagant beauty. The Sand blows from colored sands. Great Sandy Strait is listed by the convention on wetlands of International importance. Dingoes are endangered on the island of fraser. Best of luck girls, as we left for hostel.

young-girl-fraser-island-pictures A kid playing with stick on Fraser Island, its also consider one of the safest family destination in Australia.

kids fraser island

Fraser_Island_indian_head  Fraser Island Australia.Fraser-Island-Beach

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