Galapagos Islands 61Islets And Islands In Pacific Ocean

Galapagos Islands is located on the South American continent over 1000 km. From the coastline it is around 600 miles. For millions of the year the Galapagos lived on this island. They total consist of 6i islets and islands in which they contain 13 main islands. Santiago, Pinzon, Pinta, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Baltra etc. is the main island Isabela is the largest island and up to half it contains the area of Galapagos. It contains two seasons. It is cool and dry from June to December and it is warm and wet from December to May.galapagos-islandsThe wildlife animals which are the rarest in the world you can find on this island. The word ‘Galapagos’ is the Spanish word which was used by Bishop Thomas which described the name tortoise. It is the home of 90 years old tortoise. On the planet it is the only surviving giant. It is possibly said that it’s the last of his kind. In June 2012 unfortunately the Galapagos  died. It is the formation of three tectonic plate junctions. Nazca, Cocos and Pacific plates and because of this they contain 13 volcanic eruptions in the 100 years. As we all know about the animals that which animal contains what features, If we talk about the lizard can’t swim as we know that but in this marine iguana lizard swim in the Galapagos. It is also the home of penguins which is in the northern hemisphere. Lizards and penguins in the same island its sound very weird but it is only possible in this island and more than 400 species of fishes are in this island which sounds very incredible.galapagos_islands_girls_on_beachIt contains the influence of five oceans as Equatorial, Humboldt, Cromwell and Panama and due to the mixture of this it contains different temperature of water which contains unpredictable tides but it contains some issues in this island due to the human activities. As the pirates humans are damaging this wildlife and it contains 50% of the vertebrate and 24% of the plant species which is endangered by the humanoids. For the marine life destruction the Clandestine fishing of black coral, sea cucumber and sea horse are one of the biggest examples. Due to the growth of the tourism they are putting the strain on this environment. It doesn’t uniquely. This beautiful island is slowly damaging by the people and if we do like this our beautiful part of a nature is totally being vanished so we should take care about this island.

 galapagos-island-inside-water  Galapagos Islands underwater animalsgalapagos_islands_wallpapers  Galapagos Islands Ecuador


sexy girls at galapagos island beachGalapagos Islands girls on beach.sealions-galapagos-island



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