Hoover Dam History, Facts And Pictures

For every country Dam is very important from where electricity  is generate, which is the main necessity for every human being. Hoover Dam located in the Nevada, Mohave county, Arizona. It is also given the name of Boulder Dam. The Dam was built on Colorado river which separate the two US states Nevada and Arizona. It’s height about 726 ft which is taller than Washington Monument  and double taller than the Luxor Casino which is 338 ft. If we talk about its pedestal it is thick as two football fields. Its thickness is 660 ft.Hoover Dam pictureMore than 20,00 automobile on a day drive across the 45 ft because it’s top of the dam very wide There is enough space in Hoover Dam to build a 2 lane road from Seattle from Washington to Miami. Because of its dam has a roof it’s electricity period has much water to complete 100 gallons in one second or it can fill 15 average size swimming pools which contains 20,000 gallons each in every second. Its water pipes is 30 ft wide which contains so much water that it can fill 900 bath tubs which is approximately 100 gallons in one second. If we talk about its design or shape, its design is like a curve axe head which is 45 ft wide from the top and from the bottom is 660 ft thick.Hoover Dam lightsWhen Hoover Dam has full power it can supply 17 generators to the city of 750,000 people and each generator has a weight about 4 million pounds each. This Hoover dam was manufactured by Lake Mead and from 1931 to 1936 this dam was constructed and during these 96 men was killed in accident unfortunately.

If we talk about its cost to build the dam it’s about $2,000,000 of copper pennies which make the copper buses to take electricity inside the power house. In the America every state has supplied the materials for the construction of this dam and from Los Angeles to Hoover 2700 miles of transmission lines of electricity are sent. Thus it is one of the biggest projects of America from where electricity is sent to all states of the America.Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam at night
Hoover Dam bridge road
Hoover Dam inside mountains
Hoover Dam on river
Hoover Dam water

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