Istanbul City Eight Must See Attractions

Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in the world and is also remarkably beautiful. If you are planning to visit Turkey on your next vacation then here are some of the places you can visit in Istanbul while you are there.Istanbul

Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia MuseumIt was initially constructed as a church in 537 AD by Byzantine Emperor Justinian. A thousand years later after Muslims conquered the area they turned it into a mosque. In 1935 it was declared as a museum and was opened to public.

Blue Mosque Istanbul

blue mosqueThe name of the mosque is “Blue Mosque” because of thousands of blue iznik tiles that adorn the interior of the mosque. Constructed during the 17th century this mosque is the biggest Ottoman mosque.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi PalaceThe palace was built for the Emperor of Ottoman Empire and it was kept in use for almost 400 years. Visitors are allowed to see some of the areas of the palace the daily tours of Harem are of particular interest to people.

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahçe PalaceThe palace is located on shores of Bosporus and the architecture resembles with that of the Western mansions. It is very well-furnished with beautiful chandeliers and furniture. Visitors are allowed to take tours of the palace.

Grand Bazaar

Grand bazarThe Grand Bazaar is very popular tourist spot and is a haven for shopaholics. The narrow streets are filled with street vendors and shops and you can find anything from pottery to rags to jewels.

Basilica Cistern Sunken Palace

Basilica Cistern Sunken PalaceSunken Cistern is a unique and mysterious place. Built by the Romans in 532 AD the palace has a lot of columns that were recycled from the Pagan temples. It is located near Hagia Sophia and you can easily visit on the same day.

Galata Tower

Galata ToweConstructed in 6th century by the Byzantines, the Galata Tower is one of the oldest towers in the world. The roof of the tower allows you to get a spectacular view of the beautiful city spread beneath.

Prince’s Island

Prince’s IslandIstanbul has much more to offer than historic buildings. If you want to revel in the resort life in Turkey then Prince’s Island is the best place to go. Ferries from the city take people to the island.

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