Jamaica – Caribbean Paradise Island

Jamaica - Caribbean Paradise Island (9)Jamaica is an island of the Caribbean where the population changed to majority of Africans from a colony of British after the colonial period. Slave market was at its peak here. Jamaica became an independent state in 1962. The nation can be summed up into many qualities, very friendly inhabitants, hardworking, economically rich and flourishing with modern infrastructure. It has a rich diverse heritage, magnificent biodiversity as well, breath-taking sites, numerous historic site that are preserved.

Ocho Rios Dunns Waterfalls are located at the north side. Here one can find many caves that were once used as hideouts for pirates. These are called Green Grotto and were also shown in the popular Hollywood movie ‘James Bond’. Christopher Columbus was the first man to set his foot in this part of American Continent. Also Montego Bay is very popular among visitors. Spending vacations in Jamaica is like a dream to many. Snorkeling is one of the activities that people busy themselves in inside the marine park. This park is situated at the Montego Bay and the scenery of the undersea can be seen while travelling through the glass-bottom of the ships and boats. It is a perfect spot for tanning and basking your skin under the warm and soothing rays of sun.

Jamaica Island

Paradise Island Jamaica Caribbean

 Caribbean Paradise Island

At night, many people indulge themselves in partying at clubs. Margueritaville and Negril Clubs are the best among there. With loud music and drinks, it overall becomes an unforgettable experience. Jamaican people also celebrate their culture and regular festivities are being arranged like the Accompong Maroon, Curry Festival, and Heritage Festival etc.
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Jamaica  Island  Caribbean


Resorts and cruises offer high quality accommodation with superb eating area around. The environment and atmosphere of island is a perfect place to take a time out of life. Scuba divers from all around the world also come here to dedicate a part of their time to appreciating the nature.

Jamaica also used to be called as the Land Of Wood and Water with a handful of natural attractions. Similarly seven mile beach is the most strikingly amazing beaches. Seven Mile Beach is the longest stretch with pure white sands at the beach and rich vibrant turquoise hue of the sea.

  Caribbean Paradise Island

Jamaica  Caribbean Fantastic Place, It’s a Wonderful Tourist Attraction Area

Jamaica Caribbean

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Jamaica – Caribbean Paradise Island World Map View

Jamaica - Caribbean Paradise Island Map

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