Lake Tahoe Beautiful And Fresh Water Sierra Nevada USA

Entering the winter in Asia region, we must begin to think of a purpose for our winter holiday. A suitable place for our vacation one is Lake Tahoe. That place is a freshwater lake located in the Sierra Nevada in the United States. Precisely is not far from Carson City. This lake is the largest lake in North America in addition to alpine lakes. One could even say the lake is included in the top 30 largest lake by volume in the world.

Lake Tahoe Mountain offers views of the surrounding ice. And for those of us who like to play sky, surely we can play there as much. In winter, the lake is being frozen and makes this place a wonderful snowy. Another attraction on offer there is the availability of home to several ski resorts, and tourist delight. Recreation was still to be opened in addition to the summer. Because of the snow and the sky was the center of the regional economy, no wonder this place is very beautiful to attract the tourists from all over the world. Also in that area there are also several large casinos that can be accessed all the year round from Reno, Carson City and Sacramento.lake tahoe

In addition to the Snow Mountains, there are also sky slopes, golf courses and casinos are much visited by tourists. Among the breadth of the lake, there are several ski areas that we can visit, such as the Heavenly Mountain Resort place to ski the most extensive and largest in California and Nevada, located around the State line. Second largest playground sky, which is also famous for the 1960 Olympics Winter Squaw Valley, not far from the Squaw Valley north coast there are also providing sky game called Alpine Meadows.tahoe

Place sky, the smaller, is also located in the area Incline Village, Nevada known as the Diamond Peak. For coastal areas that provide not only the sky Alpine Meadows, but there is at North Star at Lake Tahoe are much more famous. It is also found in the South Beach area known as the Sierra-at-Tahoe, around the west coast also provides a place to play sky called the Homewood Mountain Resort. Other areas around Lake Tahoe which also offers Donner Pass arena sky is divided into a number of locations, such as Boreal Mountain Resort, Sugar Bowl Ski Resort and Donner Ski Ranch. For other areas there is also a Mount Rose Sky Resort is located in the center of the north-east of the lake, precisely in Mount Slide. Surrounding the playground are also many restaurants available that we can enjoy with friends and family.


Lake Tahoe



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