Lal Qila (Red Fort) A Historical Place In Delhi, India

RedFort lal qilaLal Qila which is known in English language “the red fort” was built in Delhi at 17th century. It is constructed by the Mughal emperor shah jahan as the residence of the royal family. Beside that this Qila was the palace for the new capital of the shah jahan. It is located with the river Yamuna and surrounded the walls on it. When it was constructed by the shah jahan it named the “Qila Mubarak” because its construction began start on the 13th may 1638 in the month of Muharam. The purpose of its construction was the Royal family. There are some things in its construction for example Dewaan-e-Aalam, Dewaan-e-Khaas, Moti Masjid, Zanaan Khaana and Hyatt baksh bagh. They are all constructed for some special purposes like that
Dewaan-e-Aalam it was constructed that all the people shall gathered there and they shall told their problems, complains and pleases to the Mughal emperor and he will judge them.
Dewaan-e-Khaas it was constructed inside Lal Qila for the entire royal people for example the emperors of different countries, special guests and special personalities shall meeting there and shall stay there.
Zanaan Khaanait was the special for the women.
Moti Masjidit was prayer place which’s measurement is 12×9 meter and height is 8 meter.

Hayaat baksh bagh (Life best owning garden) it was constructed for the enjoyment of the royal family.

Lal Qila Red Fort Delhi India
There are many changing held in the Lal Qila after the Mughal emperor and some are continued. The marble inlay flowers have been removed, marble windows were changed in glass windows and hamams and mosques were close for the public. Now it is using only as a public property park and as a visiting place. On every 15 august it is lighted (India Independence Day) and the president of the India hoists the flag of India, he also speech there. Beside that every evening it is lighted and musical program is held here. You will see many tea shops and restaurant s there.lal qila india

Lal Qila

India Delhi Lal Qila View From Outside

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