Lombok Beutiful Island In Indonesia

Lombok is one of the beautiful island in Indonesia, It is located to the east of the Bali, we just need cross by ferry from Bali to come to this island. The name of the capital of Lombok Island is Mata ram, which is divided into 4 sections. Such as the western, northern, eastern, central and southern Lombok.

Lombok IslandSome very interesting things and advantages of Lombok that it is very similar with Bali island, only the international tourist who not come here as much as other areas in Indonesia. Bali is the famous for the teachings of Buddha, in Lombok Island is quite famous with the teachings of Islam. Some things that you can find here, one of which that you can see is the women weaving in the Pringgasela village, we can also buy some original songket typical Lombok island, and see how to make it in that village. Or we could see the sweet orange waterfall, is a very beautiful place which also contained a small waterfall with clear water and cool also sweet atmosphere.

This island also has characteristics in art and culinary, such as produces the cold faces mask by people of Baluapi village. There is also typical dance called war dance topat. In the culinary field there is special food called chicken Taliwang. Another place that can we go is the majestic mountain temple sari; it is a majestic temple that was built in 1717. If you want to see something related to water, you can com eto the consulate Gili Mangrove forest, the habitat of many birds and mangrove trees in the flood water, is the place that quite beautiful.

The beautiful Radaside beach is there to attract you, or if you like surfing you can go to the famous gerupuk bay with that known with the flying waves. The kaliantan beach is beautiful and clean and has a quite atmosphere which can refresh our soul. Lombok Island provide the facilities and enjoyment infect no less then Bali, because every beach here has its own characteristics. Such as senggigi beach that beautiful and appropriate for water sports, gili meno beach seemed peaceful and perfects for enjoying the view with your partner or family.



Lombok (6)

Beautiful look of the Lombok

Lombok (3)

Lombok Island

Fantastic Hotel

Lombok Hotel wonderful view to Attract tourists

Lombok Hotel room

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