Luxor City Of Temples A Sample Of Oldest Egypt Civilization

Egypt is known for their oldest civilization which draws attention of the visitors still now because of their monuments. The Luxor is the city in Egypt which attract thousands of tourists each year. From the ancient Thebes it is the part of this. It was called the city of places after it was renamed called Luxor. The people were impressed by the beautiful places. It is the between two cities between the east and west of city of living to city of dead. The city of living means where the sun rises and the city of dead means where it ends.Luxor_Temple_touristsOne the most tourists’ destination place in Egypt is the Luxor place. IT is the oldest site of the 4000 years ago which comes from the Arabic word Al-Uqsur which contains the meaning of the temple. It is the mixture of the old and new temple which contains the horse drawn carriage, with the souvenir shops and with the white Peugeot taxis and the most important they have the five stars Nile Park on the east of the river Nile. It also contains Luxor museum on the west where you can find the Kings valleys, the Queen Valleys and the Ramseseum. It also contains the rest places of the Egyptian royalty.night-cc-sundow-moonkiss-luxor-egyptThe population in the Luxor is 134,000 people and mostly the people are the farmers. The people contain the dark- skinned with the paranoiac noses just like on the ancient statues. Mostly the people of this place contain the Felucca rides which run about the 20 LE per hour. The young people work in the hotels or resorts as the receptionists or the cooks.

One of the popular things in the Luxor is Renting the bicycle which runs about the 15 LE per hour but if you are inexperienced so don’t do that they contain the chaotic streets. Other thing is the camel ride and the mostly tourism is done in the camel so mostly hotels offer the camel ride around the city. If you don’t want to take a ride of camel so you can take a ride of donkey too. It depends on you.  Luxor Egypt Africa

Luxor Egypt Temple and Statues are highly attract tourists from all over the world.cairo-luxor-aswan-hurghada-edfu-kom-ombo


Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas USA is a unique and luxury hotel made on the theme of Luxor City in Egypt. The hotel also include temple and statues same as you will found in Egypt, but yeah definitely it is a copy.Luxor-Las-Vegas

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