Matterhorn Mountain On Border Of Switzerland and Italy

Matterhorn is best natural creation in this world in which shaped a beautyful pyramid in Switzerland. This white cold mountain looks very giant with 4478 meters high. Because of its high, make it become one of the highest mountain in Alps. A first news about the first climber with group of seven, lead by Edward Whymper has a story where only few of them were succesfully reach the top of the mountain, while three other were died on the way back.matterhorn mountain bannerAs a right mountain for climbing, so surely many visitor from whole the world with their own curiosity come only to climb and explore Matterhorn. The cold weather and white snow on its rock has certain attraction for climber. Having great panorama every time allow them to take its picture and suitable for being natural tourist place. Beside, the name Matterhorn itself has a good meaning in which it start with the word “matte” means meadow, while “horn” means peak. If its name combine so we can imagine how wonderful peak on the top of it with marvelous white meadow.matterhorn red top

Whenever you want to spend time by only exploring, playing or even enjoying Matterhron excellent view, then just go to Zermatt area. In Zermatt there provide all good activity choice for Matterhorn based on the season. For example in summer season where they provide a sport and tour service to Matterhorn through hiking, skiing and mountain bike and climbing. Or you do not get for summer season, then just try activities offered in other season such as in winter which you can enjoy snowboarding around Matterhorn area. Sometime visitor are love to have ice skating, ice climbing and ice hockey for simple sport.ZermattTo have a day in Matterhorn you can also stay in Zermatt. The panorama is quite beautiful, moreover when the sunlight only concern to the peak of Matterhorn mountain. Then after it’s turn morning, visitor usually have simple walking on foot through meadows and woods. Another idea of traveling can use public transportation which available around there. Then one more important info about staying a night in Zermatt that a couple of supermarkets are also provided for self catering.matterhorn bobsleds  matterhorn climbing Matterhorn East And North side viewed From Zermatt landscape  matterhorn mountain view   matterhorn matterhorn mountain

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