Maui Hawaii Best Tourism Spot In The World

White sand and crystal clean water Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii. Maui is also popular for its black sand beaches, mountains and waterfalls. In here you can enjoy any sort of activity, start from best sight views, surfing, Snorkeling, biking, wind surfing, cruise ships, swimming to shopping and eating.

In Maui also you will found all three white, black and red color beaches. You not need to go any where else if you plan your trip to Maui. In here you can enjoy a complete family trip as well as for a honeymoon or dating. More than 3 million tourists visit each year maximum from domestic, USA and Canada.

Things to Do in Maui

If you are first time traveler start from Road to Hana. Road start from Kahului (the main city in Maui where you will land at main airport) along 55 miles go to Hana. You will surprised by the beauty of the island. For natural lover people this road is a heaven. You will enjoy many rain forests, waterfalls, and some of the most beautiful beaches. The road is short but its will take all your day to enjoy each and every place.

maui-beachKaanapali Beach is once considered as the best beach in the United States. One of the best attractions at beach is Cliff diving which held every evening at sunset. Kaanapali is also one of the Hawaii best resorts; you will really enjoy your time in here.

If have enough energy and love hiking visit Iao Valley State Park where you will really enjoy best hiking tracks. Bring your foods or water along with you because in park not offer such things and enjoy the adventure.

Park is almost open from 7 am to 7 pm. There is 5 dollar parking fees in park. Lahaina is the main attraction of Maui Island with many shop and restaurants. If you love shopping and enjoy eating this place is best for you.

Where to Stay in Maui

In here you will found any kind of restaurant from cheap to most luxury. All depend on you which kind of traveler you are Maui is a place for all and every one. If you want to avoid too much expenses than before start your trip. Search online for Maui hotels and restaurants you will get significant results. So before visit better check their packages may be you get some discounts offer or found any new hotel offering cheap prices for accommodation and dining.

In my opinion Maui Island is the best place for your summer trip, as never you will found all activities together at one place like in Maui. If you get in there share with us your experience.

sunset view at maui

Maui Hawaii Sunset view at evening


Maui Resort view from top


Hawaii beach wallpaper


Best beaches for make you relax at summer


amazing view of sunset at Hawaii

maui hawaii beach

Surfing is the most popular activity at Maui

Maui Hawaii

The greenery is heaven for nature lovers

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10 thoughts on “Maui Hawaii Best Tourism Spot In The World

  1. I was on Maui once. It's so beautiful & breathtaking! It's like paradise!

    • So I've Heard! I have a friend from from college and grad school who grew up there, and returns to visit family…hope to make it there one day?

  2. want to go there.

  3. Avete il coraggio di dire che questo non è il paradiso?

  4. Henriette Bester Smith says:

    I'd love to go.

  5. These are awesome pictures of Hawaii.

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