Mecca (Makkah) The Holy City Of Muslims Saudi Arabia

Mecca also known as Makkah is the center of the world of Islam. The place is situated in the Sirat Mountains at the center of Saudi Arabia which is like 45 miles inside the Red Sea Port of Jeddah. It used to be an oasis and the place for the old caravan trade route that connected the Saudi Arabia with the Mediterranean, South Asia and East Africa. Since the Byzantine times and Roman Emperor it had developed as an important religious trade center. It was more popularly known as Macroba.

meccaThe sacred boundary of Mecca and Medina is called Hijaz. It is at the west of Arabian Peninsula: a narrow portion of piece of land nearly 875 miles long at the eastern part of Red Sea. The place was the birthplace of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and also the religion Islam.

makkahThe major tourist attraction is the richness and fruitfulness of the Mecca. Thousands of Muslims visit Saudi each year. It is considered as an important spiritual journey visiting this place. All Muslims with health and wealth are required to undertake this pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime.

Habalah is a village which is located on a cliff top. It is totally deserted and it is a height compared to the surrounding valleys and fields. The inhabitants were supplied with food, water and other necessities with the help of a rope. Rope was being hanged from an iron stand when the desert was fully populated.

Apart from this Madain Saleh cemetery is a very popular place to visit. The tombs in the cemetery are carved with the hard rock and the sculptures seek one’s attention. There are 131 tombs, many of them being decorated with Armanic Inscriptions. The sight of the beautiful tombstones is highlighted by the location of the cemetery.

The Al Musmak Castle is a heritage canter in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The fort was originally the stronghold for King Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Rasheed. The fort was built during 1289 to 1315 H. The places to see in the castle are the well of Al Musmak Castle, The watch towers of Al Musmak Castle, The sitting place and the gate of the Palace.


Masjid Al Haram in Makkah - Saudi Arabia (door of Kaba)

Makkah-Royal-Clock-Tower   makkah saudi arabia

Kaba in Mecca Saudia Arabia

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