Navagio A Unique Beach In Greece

Navagio Beach is the most unique beach in the world, surrounding by huge cliffs of white rock, with pure white sand and deep blue water. It’s the most famous beach in Greece and consider as a trademark of the Zakynthos Island. The beach is photographed millions of time and the breath taking view of it’s, frequently featured on promotional materials and post cards. This small and isolated, yet strikingly beautiful sandy cove is located on the north-west Shore of Zakynthos Island, near the Anafotiria village, quite opposite of island’s capital Zakynthos.

History of Shipwreck

navagio-shipwreckThere are three to four names used for the beach, as initially its called Agios Georgios, but now more popular are Navagio or Shipwreck or even Zakynthos smugglers cove.  Why its get these names there is also a story behind this, you can see in pictures below there is an old ship on the beach which is destroyed.

This ship actually used by smugglers in 1981. They use it f or smuggling cigarettes, wine and women.  Later i don’t know Navy took action or stormy weather made difficult their work the ship was buried and it was found on Agios Georgios at 1983. After its get popular as Shipwreck or navagio (shipwreck in Greece).

How to reach to Navagio Beach

Naagio beach arrivalThe beach is only accessed by boats or Cruise ship, but you can also view it from the top of the hills. To get spectacular photos of Navagio Beach from above, you can drive up on top of the cliff where new viewpoint offers amazing photo opportunities. Most postcard photos are taken from there.

To get to the viewpoint, just follow the road signs which read “Navagio”.  It is impossible to reach to the beach by walking, you need to take a boat or you can come here in a cruise ship. Frequent boat service to Navagio Beach is provided from nearby Porto Vromi located to the south, or from the Harbor of Saint Nikolas in Volimes, located to the north of Navagio Beach.

You can also take a boat from island’s capital city of Zakinthos. Boats from Porto Vromi to this paradise beach leave about once every hour and take approximately 30 minutes.



Navagio beach




Navagio Beach Greece


Tips for New Tourists

Here i just want few tips if you get there, take water with yourself as the water in the area may be limited. The water around the Shipwreck cove is cooler than other area of Greece. In the summer seasons specially avoid to visit at the peak time of the day as this small area will be very over crowded. Best time is early in the morning or in afternoon. And one more thing avoids to going near or inside this old ship, as its rusty metal is dangerously sharp.

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