Nayara Hotel, Spa And Gardens

Nayara Hotel is between the Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano national park and the quaint town of La Fortuna de San Miguel. You will feel that you are in the arm of the paradise. They will give you highly personalized services, fine dining, peaceful pampering and lush gardens all framed by the preeminent Arenal stratovolcao.nayara pool onlineLet me introduce you the some information about this tropical oasis of Nayara hotel, spa and garden. It contains the availability of 44 bungalows, where you can relax with your own private outdoor terrace while you have the choice of dozen activities like a horseback riding to the La Fortuna Waterfall or on the SA rapiqui river a white water rafting or you can keep it simple with a volcanic mud message in the Nayara spa which was beautifully structure suspended over the rain forest.arenal nayara hotelWith an availability of only about 44 bungalows, relax upon you own private outdoor terrace while pondering the choice of many activities, such as white water rafting on the Sarapiqui River, or horseback riding to the La Fortuna Waterfall.Nayara Hotel toiletThe Arenal Nayara Hotel maintains beautiful tropical gardens and a reflection pond that sets a tranquil tone for the entire property. The wet bar, Jacuzzi and swimming pool provide a place to rest after enjoying the Arenal area, while the onsite Altamira Restaurant offers tasty, full service dining. At this place, local ingredients blend with a world-class cuisine to provide an incomparable dining experience. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and even for dinner, and boasts a direct view of the volcano.Nayara Hotel foodArenal Nayara is a perfect oasis. Voted one of central and South American’s most romantic getaways, this hotel is luxurious and unceasingly beautiful. The property is surrounded by rainforest and set on a hilltop overlooking the lush Arenal valley. The Arenal Volcano is in unique view, and vibrant flowers line footpaths and patios, dining areas and swimming pools.

That’s not all about Nayara hotel but the main review was under this heading. It depends on tourists that what they want to relay enjoy.Arenal Nayara Hotel Gardens pool   nayara hotel spa and gardens   Pool w Casitas arenal nayara

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