Neuschwanstein Castle In Bavaria Germany

An outstanding building that remind us about fantasy world that very real in this life is Neuschwanstein Castle. Located on the peak of the mountain range in Bavaria Germany. It was a king’s castle in which after the death of king Ludwig II in 1886, it now open to public as one of Germany spectacular tourist building. The early interesting fact about this castle that was built for withdraw place by the shy king, but now vast of number people can see all of his private refuge.Neuschwanstein Castle fallUntil now Neuschwanstein Castle has become the most popular destination among palaces and castles in whole Europe. You know when you visited it, you will be pampered with very really view that almost impossible to believe its reality. By the location on the peak of a mountains, it give wonderful effect when white fog and many green trees surround it. No wonder if plenty visitors come then say it as “the castle of fairy tale king” since its real appearance is most likely as fairy tale world. Even the best choice visit time for this castle is in summer which usually get almost 6,000 visitors a day stream.Neuschwanstein Castle winterTo get inside the Neuschwanstein Castle, it can only visited within guided tour which provided in two language, German and English. Even many of audio guided tour in many languages also available there for the visitor who do not speak both German and English. Imagine how interesting day time when you can get into a real castle. But the lack that visitor can only enjoy the tour last approximately 30 minute. Beside, because of its famous, to get there you should buy the ticket 2 days before the tour at the ticket center Hohenschwangau.Neuschwanstein luxury bedroomAfter exploring about the king’s private refuge, next you can enjoy some meal in “Cafe and Bistro”. Here visitors are invited to take some refreshment after their guided tour which located on the second floor of the castle. Beside, few best recommended hotels near are also available start with high to low prices such as Villa Ludwig Suite Hotel, Hotel Alpenstuben, Romantic-Pension Albrecht, and many others.Neuschwanstein Castle at night
Neuschwanstein Castle beautiful side view
neuschwanstein castle germany
Neuschwanstein Castle interior
Neuschwanstein Castle luxury walls
Neuschwanstein on mountain

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