New York Harbor One Of The Largest Natural Harbors

New York Harbor or you can say NYC harbor is the port of New York and New Jersey. It is at the mouth of the Hudson River where the New York Bay is finished. It is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Although on geographic names the United States board does not use the term, they use the New York Harbor and it has an important commercial, historical, ecological, governmental uses.Spessart_entering_New_York_HarborThe port of the New York and the New Jersey forms one of the complicated natural harbors in the world. It is also a fact that it reflects the diversity of different names. It remains unchanged from the year 1524, from the time of Giovanni da Verrazzano’s. The navigational channels depended on it, from the natural 17 feet depth of 45 feet and some places it requires the blasting of bedrock. It lies on three major bodies of water. It opens onto the New York Bight in the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast and the long island sound to the north east. Secondly it is essential to the marine bodies with both saltwater and tides and thirdly the Hudson River which adds a freshener.freedom tower HarbourBeside this all its security is also very important. They gave the port passenger facility which was to be transferred to the Dubai ports world in the year march 2006.There was a controversy of security over the ownership by Arabic, foreign corporation of a US port operation. Now the current operator was the British Based as P & O ports and it is also a fact that a Chinese communist was dominated by a company contains the operating contract for Howland Hook Marine Terminal.

Relating to the organized crime it is also the responsibility of bi-state waterfront commission. In the year 1953 this commission was set, and in the year 1984 the teamsters were put under the RICO which is the Racketeer influenced and corrupt organization act and the similar suit were bought in 2005 against the International Long shore men Association. Overall it is very important part of the New York.

Ellis_Island_Statute_of_Liberty_new york harbor Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island just in front of New York harbor. new york harbor cruiseThere are so many cruise traveling from New York city to Port, Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty. new york harbor day

new york harbor statue of liberity at nightNew York Harbor and Statue of Liberty at york harbor-blogSpan

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