Nosara Beach A Beautiful Vacation Spot In Costa Rica

nosara viewDo you know vacation place and tourist attractions that most visited by travelers? That place is the beach, wherever the place if there is a beautiful beach would definitely be a holiday and a fun destination. One of the beautiful beaches with some advantages, which we can visit is Nosara, a quiet beach town with beautiful natural scenery, which is located around the Pacific coast, in Costa Rica. In addition there are also very popular beach with high waves and warm water. Offered in addition to beautiful scenery, we can also see a variety of colorful of wildlife that around us.

Nosara is a great place to spend the holidays with family or alone in the summer or spring. The view at Nosara will actually look peaceful and fresh. An abundance of tropical plants around us, as well as exotic monkeys could be entertain us. Fun activities that we can do there, such as enjoying surfing in the crystal water, we can also enjoy snorkeling.

nosara beach

Besides water games that we can do, we can also walk around the area with horse riding along the beach. The beauty of the Nosara beach is very extraordinary, this place is one of the best places to vacation with beautiful scenery and energetic activities. In addition the children will love to see the monkeys dependent around the tree above us.

Local people are also very friendly and very polite to tourists who come, we can casually walk around; enjoy the scenery around the area to see the residents who have a unique culture. For a place to stay also provided an assortment of resorts and hotels that we can choose to rent. During the holidays at Nosara we can have a chance to mingle with local people and understand the customs and culture there. Additionally, there we also provide several shopping and quaint boutiques. So we do not need to look for souvenirs with difficulty.

nosara surfing

Adventures that we can experience during our vacation there like Horseback riding, canopy tours, snorkeling and a lot of interesting things like boating on the sparkling waters, and hiking through waterfalls. One more interesting at Nosara is that we live in one of our rental homes; we can enjoy the local products such as fresh fish caught by local fishermen or eat fruits and vegetables that are sold in the morning being transported by truck. Looks like fun does not it?

kids playing at nosara beach

nosara  Nosara beach costa rica

nosara costa rica

nosara roads

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  1. Me han hablado maravillas, estuve por Costa Rica en agosto 2014, espero volver pronto. Me gustó bastante. bell.o

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