Sandwich Boardwalk Family Vacation Spot At Cape Cod, Massachusetts

One more interesting vacation spot that can become one of our vacations with family and friends, it is in Massachusetts and known as the Sandwich Boardwalk. This is not who ordinary sandwich bread we eat, but it is a place that offers some interesting attractions. The entertainment offer there is a Cape Cod, is a bay located not far from the beautiful beach at Sandwich Boardwalk. On a beautiful beach also offers sparkling sand, sea water with big waves.

For other places that can be visited there Heritage Museum & Gardens. This is a museum that contains several historic items, special items, and some art stuff. Around it there is also a beautiful garden of 70 acres. One of the most famous Boardwalk, this is a road made of wood, which will show you the path to a beautiful beach.

sandwich-boardwalk-cape-codSeveral other museums that we can visit is the Sandwich Glass Museum, inside you will find a wide variety of items of art, science stuff, and historical items from Boston and Sandwich Glass company. If we want to visit other places, we can visit some villages in the Route 6A (Old King’s Highway). Villages there are including some of the oldest villages in the United States, not far from Cape Cod. For a place that has a view of the hills and the water, we could go to one of the visitor centers and tourist attraction, which is widely known to the Cape Cod Canal Visitors Center.

If we want to do a bit of entertainment with kayaking, we can go to ECO tours LLC, which rents kayaks to get around the city across the river, there are beautiful and soothing green hills. Sandwich is one of those places that are also rich in history, as there you will also be able to find a Historic Sandwich Village is quite interesting to visit. Besides the village there are also some historic homes like Hoxie House that existed since 1637, and many residents are considered as the oldest house on Cape Cod.

There also providing modern entertainment is one of the Sandwich Mini Golf game we can play when we prefer to not want to visit a place that far. Sandwich also has some lovely beaches, but deserted. One is Sandy Neck Beach. There you can relax bird watching and hiking. Not many people come to this beach, so you will be able to control the entire beach with some friends and family only.

sandwish boardwalkSandwich Boardwalk beautiful view at night

sandwish boardwalkPeople jumping from sandwich boardwalk in the lake


boardwalk_near_sprinA very beautiful Boardwalk example inside a forest


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