Top Ten Summer Family Vacation Spots In USA

Orlando Walt Disney World

Orlando Walt Disney Magic KingdomEvery child’s dream place – Walt Disney World must be paid a visit especially in summer vacations. The whole world knows it for attractive charm. Disney world is created for families and is one of those places which will always be remembered. There are distinctive theme parks just for everyone.

Yellowstone National Park

Hot Springs Yellowstone National ParkA must-visit place especially for families because of its incomparable attractions. The park has hiking trails for kids. Hotels are available inside the parks for accommodation.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Rafting Tripsimilarly another national park is called Yosemite. A perfect family destination but what makes it unique is its several outdoor activities. From camping to safely climbing of mountains and oh yes! Rafting, Yosemite is also easily accessible.

Honolulu Hawaii

honolulu hawaii waikiki beachWhen it comes to summer vacations, beaches come in mind automatically. Honolulu (or Waikiki) is offering exceptional packages that are family friendly. Children can swim with dolphins. Other activities include watching the whales, snorkeling and the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. There are many hotels also available for accommodation.

Washington D.C.

Washington D CThe main attraction in Washington D.C is the National Mall. There are numerous top class free museums there. There are tours being arranged for the newcomers. Another major attraction is the National Zoo which is also free.

The Grand Canyon

grand canyon splashIt is known as a popular destination for family holidays. The main reason might be the Griswold’s and Brady Bunch. There are plenty of activities around here such as kayaking, rafting, and hiking. It is also budgeting friendly.

San Diego

san diego skylineat San Diego beach, the fun cannot be put to an end. The length of the beach is 70 miles. The San Diego Zoo and the Sea world are especially created to enhance the adventurous moments for families. Balboa Park is also featuring an amazing museum there.


williamsburgThis tiny Virginia town can house many restaurants for families. Colonial Williamsburg is a popular destination especially for young people out there. In summers the focal points are the coaster riding and Water Country USA at Busch Gardens.

Myrtle Beach

myrtle beachIn terms of overall quality and accessibility of the beach, Myrtle Beach is the best one. It is a perfect destination for families.

San Antonio

San Antonio River WalkSan Antonio includes perfect destinations like six Flag Fiesta Texas, Parks, Alamo and Sea World.

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