Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk Los Angeles, California

Among the many tourist attractions in the world, one pretty cool place to visit is Venice Beach and Ocean Front Walk. This beach is located in California, United States. While on vacation of course, we’ll need a fun place and momentarily forget the business. Exactly this is not just an ordinary beach, as in Venice, we are also able to walk around and visit the Ocean Front Walk.

Venice Activities

Venice_BeachSome interesting things on offer in the Venice is Muscle Beach facilities and a leisure park that offers a lot of entertainment such as games, basketball, handball and tennis courts, rowing, gymnastics and a children’s play area. Along with all these entertainment facilities we also can enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery. Surely invites the whole family to go to this place is a good idea. Children can enjoy the playground, while we can watch and enjoy beautiful blue ocean view with white sand.

Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk

ocean_front_walkOne of the interesting places that are offered here is Ocean Front Walk, this is a street filled with shops and restaurants. From the road we could see a lot of tourists with their busy lives to enjoy the fun things that are there. While enjoying the view of the beach and beach volleyball matches, we can also enjoy culinary around there, and some stores also sell a lot of snacks that we can buy. In fact, the Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach can be regarded as one of the number one appeal of California. For that, the place is so interesting designed to attract as many visitors.

Venice Beach Hotels

Besides beaches, waves, theme parks, and Ocean Front Walk, there are also a huge variety of many luxurious hotels and resorts, one of which is Venice Beach Vibes, this is the name of one of the hotels that are around Santa Monica and Marina del Rey. In addition to attractive hotel also has a strategic place close to the most important places, such as airports, docks, beaches, Venice Beach Boardwalk, and also not far from Downtown Los Angeles.

Around the hotel you can also find a lot of interesting things like beach shops, artists, street performers, art galleries, restaurants, and the upcoming Centennial Celebration of Venice. Another specialty that we can find and choose is Beachfront Suites, is a modern place with a range of facilities that we can enjoy, in addition, it also offers a sea view room decorated with luxurious and very comfortable.



ocean front walk

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