Where Is Barbados, The Island Of Amazing Beaches

Barbados is situated in the Lesser Antilles and is a sovereign island country. It is about 21 miles length wise and 14 miles wide. It is covering an area of 430 square kilometers. It is located at the west of the great North Atlantic. Barbados is just outside the principle Atlantic hurricane belt. For being more clear about where is Barbados look at the map below. caribean sea mapSpanish were the first one to discover this beautiful island. Barbados appeared on the map in the year of 1511. It later became a British Colony when English men entered in the place. Today it has approximately population of 284,000 people residing with 80,000 living inside the Bridgetown. Bridgetown is the largest city and also the capital of the country. Barbados is a one of the most attractive tourist destination and is among the most developed islands. Main religion of the Barbados inhabitants is Christianity.BarbadosBarbados is a member of CARICOM which is a Caribbean Community, CSME ( CARICOM Single Market and Economy), ACS (Association of the Caribbean States), CCJ (Caribbean Court of Justice), OAS ( Organization of American States), and Commonwealth of Nations. It is also an active member of WTO (World Trade Organization). Many of the domestic needs are fulfilled by importing the things.

The island itself is very beautiful have hundreds of breath-taking sceneries. When people talk about Barbados, the cultural aspects automatically came in everyone’s mind. The most popular on the island is it’s night life, history, music, art, activities and scrumptious foods. Barbados is not only popular and famous for its artifacts, but the people of the society. The people are very friendly and warm-welcoming. They are always ready to greet you. They make visitors and foreigners feel special and unique and hence making them more comfortable. This plays a major role in the growing of their tourism industry.Barbados girlsThe naturally appealing atmosphere of the island will always attract people again and again towards it. When tourists or local visitors are interviewed, they mostly use the word ‘home’ for Barbados. This shows us the importance of having a friendly sophisticated environment in any society.Barbados beach
Barbados blue water
Barbados breathtaking sunset
Barbados Sunset
Barbados tourists attraction
Diving in ocean
harrison's cave
palm tree on beach

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