Zurich Largest City Of Switzerland

Switzerland is always famous for its view, watches, chocolates and also banking. The capital of Switzerland is Zurich which is situated near Lake Zurich around north east area. It offers the people of the world to live among its cities. First thing about this city that come to the mind that it is a street show. This event is totally full of excitement and fun. It is full of proof of freedom and grit, peace and love. In the year 1992, it began with only 1000 participants. Now it is known for the biggest party in Europe. This parade is for music fans, a ground meeting in huge numbers.Zurich homesFor night life, Zurich is outstanding. It contains a huge range of clubs, bars, full of entertainment, restaurants, cinemas and espresso bars. For every 180 citizen in the city there is one restaurant. Besides this place for entertainment, it is valuable for research and knowledge as well. Like, you can take an example of Albert Einstein; he studied in the University of Zurich with a professor as well. The payment of education in this university is very low cost only 1,200 dollar, so it is easily affordable for every person. It has a quite task to obtain an admission.Zurich streetsOne of the important facts of this city is that 90% of citizens live in the rented place. The people of here do not believe to buy a place of their own. The popular star of this city is Tina Turner which is pop star. If we talk about its frugality, out of nine jobs in Switzerland, one for Zurich city however for banking institutions in Switzerland, there head quarters in city from 82 of 208 banking institute. In creative economy one out of five jobs can also be found in this city. Besides Zurich airport takes around 20 million passengers and their hotels are also lavishing.general view zurichOver this entire city is a full package with education and entertainment. It maintains a balance for both things easily which one of the big thing. If you visit Switzerland, you should visit Zurich.lake zurich

view on zurich Switzerland

vorderersternen bratwurst zurich

Zurich at night

Zurich City

Zurich switzerland at winter

Public Pool "Barfussbar"

Zurich winter

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  1. the capital city of Schweiz is Bern my friend.

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